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Furry Rationalists & Effective Anthropomorphism both exist

Posted on 2022-10-24

(cross-posted on LessWrong and EA Forum)


I’m Rai and I’m a furry (specifically, dragon). The last couple years, I’ve been running a Furry Rationalists Telegram group. It looks like we exist, and not everyone who should know we exist does yet, so I wanted to just write this to advertise that this furry+EA/rationality corner exists, and if you’re furry-adjacent & rationality-adjacent and nice, you’re invited to join us :)

Here’s the invite link for the Furry Rationalists group: https://t.me/+KTmU37JO3Wk0OTQ0

There’s ~50 of us and we’re chill - we have self-improvement, science, and cute animal GIFs. If you’d like a preview, here’s the guidelines + meta doc. We’re 18+, but we’re not adult-oriented - we’re 18+ just so that we can talk about adult stuff if it does come up. If you happen to be <18 and wanna join, let me know, we might update this.

If you’re reading this a while later, and the link expired, contact me (via some method on this website), or look us up on https://www.furry-telegram-groups.net/, a search for “rationality” should find us.

There’s also a smaller Effective Anthropomorphism Discord server, run by bird: https://discord.gg/JBeKs5qZ

Come say hi, and feel free to share if you know anyone who’d be interested!