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I’m Michal Pokorný, a 24-years-old “software” “engineer” from Czech Republic.

I work at Google Zurich and might some day get around to finishing a master’s in AI at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague.

My personal e-mail is agentydragon@gmail.com. Feel free to shoot me a message about anything!

I am on GitHub as agentydragon.

I am an effective altruist (Czech) and I currently earn to give. You can take a look at my donations on My Giving at Giving What We Can.

I also have a LinkedIn account and a Facebook account. I only use LinkedIn for people I worked with and I only use Facebook for people I consider my friends. If you try to connect with me or add me as a friend and I have no idea who you are, I’m really sorry to say this, but unfortunately I’ll probably ignore you. I do not mean this personally and this does not mean that I do not want to be your friend. In general, I want people to be my friends. It’s just my personal preference in how I use social networks. If you send me a connection request and I ignore it, I will probably feel guilty about it.

From time to time, I hunt for geocaches.

Geocaching badge

I try to be a generalist. Some stuff I do or did before:

Between 2012 and 2016, I helped organize KSP – a computer science seminar for high school students by Charles University.